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Antique Swords of Borneo

INDO621: Dayak Jimpul Sword


INDO621: Dayak Jimpul Sword

This is a rare type of Dayak, Iban tribe sword that is related to the Mandau. The wood handle is intricately carved and adorned with long human hair. The handle is wrapped with brass wire and there is an old copper coin at the base of the blade. The blade is very well forged with intricate spur at the base of the blade, hooks on the back edge, fuller and chisel work dots and designs. There are also silver inlay sections in the back edge of the blade. The intact scabbard is also of a rare form with flamboyant end and rattan bottom edge. These rattan edges would stop the blade from cutting through the woven rattan scabbard bands when being drawn and are seen on some of the oldest Borneo swords.     

29 1/2" Overall with a 19 1/2" Blade. 19th century Borneo, Indonesia.    ....Sold

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