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Assorted Moro Swords and Weapons

PH441: Moro Spear

  • PH441 : Moro Spear
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PH441: Moro Spear

19th century Moro spear. Possibly called a Budiak? Or that term may only be used for the Moro spears with the carved panel down the center. The large tip is well made with a strong pattern visible and a hardened edge showing. The collar is made of brass or bronze. The original rattan shaft has been cut in half (to put in a steamer trunk) and re-joined with nails. In the shaft are carved the words "OHIO" and "C.A.R." I believe from the American battalion that collected it. The overall patina is good from age and use.    

From the collection of Captain Bradshaw who retired from the US Navy in 1922. Captain Bradshaw was known to be in the Philippines and Japan in the late 1890's. Purchased directly from Capt. Bradshaw's grandson.

69 inches long with a 11 3/4 inch blade, 1 3/4 inches wide. 19th century .    ....Sold

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