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Moro Kris

PH546: Silver Moro Kris Sword


PH546: Silver Moro Kris Sword

A rare Datu Moro kris sword with silver handle and great blade. The large kakatua pommel is made of thick silver sheet, and the stirrup is silver. The handle wrap is a more modern replacement with woven twine and bands of lesser quality silver. The half wavy and half straight blade has a separate ganja that has a really strong pattern in the metal. The blade also shows a good pattern and hardened edge as well as a fuller down the center and silver talisman on each side. The scabbard is a modern replacement.    

28 1/2" Overall with a 21 1/2" Blade that is 5 1/2" Wide at the ganja. 19th century, Southern Philippines.    ....Sold

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