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INDO545: Aceh Peudeueng Sword

  • INDO545 : Aceh Peudeueng Sword
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INDO545: Aceh Peudeueng Sword

One of the most rare types of Aceh swords that shows both India and Islamic characteristics. These large swords were status symbols and used by people of high status and importance. If need I am sure some were used in battle as well. The handle with hand guard basket is very well forged steel with intricate details chiseled into the surface. The spike protrusion that should come out the back pommel is missing. The blade is very well forged with multiple fullers and double edged point.     

37" Overall with a 32" Blade that is 5/16" thick at the back edge. 19th century or earlier, Sumatra, Indonesia.    ....$850.00

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