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Assorted Antique Tribal Swords and Weapons

AS530: Gurkha Military Kukri Knife


AS530: Gurkha Military Kukri Knife

A very old military issue Gurkha Kukri knife. I believe this is WW I era, but I am no expert on military Kukri. The wood handle is marked with something like "2 A E C" and "74", but it is hard to read all the letters. There is one chip missing from the back of the handle. The well forged blade is heavy and wide with the back edge marked "F. W 16.A.B.C" and "33". The original scabbard has some damage to both the wood and the leather near the tip. The overall piece, handle and scabbard has a very good dark patina from age and use.    

17 3/4" Overall with a 14" Blade that is 3/8" thick at the back Edge. Early 20th century, Nepal (British made?).    ....Sold

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