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Antique African Swords and Weapons

AF552: Topoke Sword

  • AF552 : Topoke Sword
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AF552: Topoke Sword

A fine old sword with a large solid iron pommel. Often attributed to the Topoke, Lokele or Tetela peoples of Zaire. The wood handle is wrapped with copper wire and has a good patina from age and use. The solid iron pommel is quite heavy and has brass inlay on one side. The blade is well forged with intricate lines chiseled into the surface. I believe swords of this size and quality were used for battle (the balance is quite good), but many of this type with the iron pommel were also used as status symbols and currency.    

16" overall with a 11 1/4" blade and 2 1/2" solid steel pommel. Early 20th century D. R. Congo, Africa.    ....Sold

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