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Moro Kris

PH614: Moro Kris Sword w/ Inlay Blade


PH614: Moro Kris Sword w/ Inlay Blade

Unusual Moro Kris sword with beautiful inlayed blade. The handle has a quality burl wood pommel, and a variety of wrappings of rattan and twine. The two copper stirrups are large and, have the connecting straps mostly not under the binding. There may be a variety of ages of handle wrappings that are not as old as the blade. The blade is small and very finely forged with beautiful silver inlay talisman decorations. There is a good linear pattern with hardened edge showing as well. Unfortunately no scabbard with this one.     

27" overall with a 21" blade. 19th century Southern Philippines.    ....$550.00

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