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PH667: Bikol Bat Head Sword
PH667: Bikol Bat Head Sword
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PH667: Bikol Bat Head Sword

A rare Philippine sword from the Bicol area of North -East Luzon. This style is often called the "Bat Head" sword. The horn handle is well carved with the bat like monster head, and the hand guard is well forged steel with a Spanish flair. The blade is well forged, shows a hardened edge and chilled in floral decorations. These swords are said to be used by the “Cimarron” which in Spanish means "untamed or wild". In the Philippines, the term “Cimarrones” pertains to an ethnic minority group inhabiting the mountainous parts of Bicol in the southern tip of Luzon. Living up to their name, the Cimarrones are known as a fierce mountain tribe and their raids on the lowlands were feared during colonial times.    

24 1/2" Overall with a 18" Blade that is 3/8" thick at the back edge. 19th century Northern Philippines.


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