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BOOK109: Shields of Melanesia
BOOK109: Shields of Melanesia
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BOOK109: Shields of Melanesia
by Harry Beran & Barry Craig

This is the first comprehensive compilation on the war shields of Melanesia. The volume illustrates more than one hundred types of shields from all culture areas of Melanesia that used such objects. Approximately eighty percent of the shields illustrated in the book have never appeared in print. The editors describe why the use of fighting shields in the South Pacific was confined to Melanesia. The typology of war shields used in the book is based on an exhaustive survey of the literature, on the field experience of the authors, and on a survey of the collections of the major Australian museums.    

Cover: Hard
Number Pages: 308
Measurements: 12" x 9"
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Publish Date: 2003
Condition: Slightly used
Price: $200.00

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