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AF510: Zairian Nkutshu/Tetela Spear
AF510: Zairian Nkutshu/Tetela Spear
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AF510: Zairian Nkutshu/Tetela Spear

A great war spear from Zaire, the Nkutshu / Tetela peoples. The large double edged blade on a longer steel shaft is well forged. The shaft is wood with a decorated knob in the center, and wound with steel bands on the top section. The bottom end butt is a well forged steel bell that rings loudly when the spear is shaken. This was obviously a war spear to make a lot of noise in the beginning of battle, and also for ceremonial dancing, not for hunting. Very good original complete condition with an overall dark oxidized patina overall. The wood section has a good glossy patina from age and use.    

60" Overall with a 13 1/2" Blade on a 26 1/2" steel shaft. Early 20th century, Zaire, Africa.


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